Corona, please give me your permission.


I haven’t written for a long time. Maybe the language barrier has held me back, maybe too much to do in every day’s life.

I wanted to share with you, to let you have a deeper glimpse into my life, in an apologetic manner, hoping for forgiveness and sympathy on your part.

The Corona virus, however violent, couldn’t stop me from creating. And my creation is usually in the “field” of jewelery. Obviously a non-privileged “field” during this harsh time of curfews, mourning, epidemic, pandemic … But the flow of life in each one of us, will always push us to the enveloping and comforting place, for each his own. For me it’s creating. Of jewelry … not privileged indeed… Reminds me of the whiskey distilleries at a time when there was a ban on alcohol in the United States Of America…

So, I “sinned” and created almost each one of our “Corona -days”, and still am.

It’s a real privilege, considering the fact that I have at least 4-5 hours of errands each day, like taking care of our pets – three cats and an adult dog. Washings, dishes,etc.

I also really like learning languages and I’m “sinning” in that too, using a language-learning mobile app.

Mi dispiace. Entschuldigung. סליחה.

The days are passing inside my head in a mysterious bubble. While Going to bed on Sunday evening, I may wake up on the next Friday morning …

So this is a little glimpse for you, asking your permission to share a new creation- a necklace I made of Tondra-Sapphire, ruby, garnets, carnelian, peridot, gold filled, lots of passion and love, dreams for a better world and better times.

Welcome to my world

Birthday = New Beginning


My Birthday has Arrived (Tomorrow :-)) and since it is not fun to celebrate it by myself, I’d like to share it with you. What is better than giving you a Very nice discount present + a sweet gift? I chose 3 creations to offer at a gift price- Update- one has been sold . I attach my PAYPAL.ME button. Just click on the photos or on the photo’s title. there you can write the price I offered which includes registered shipping, I will know what  Jewel you chose and you can write me too Enjoy ! And a Song for us too, without is A birthday is not a Birthday ♥ ( photos bellow the clip. just scroll down.

Gold Leaf Long Gemstone Earrings

Elegant Earrings frosted gold leaf, Freshwater Pearls, Garnet and gold filled. Length : 7 cm 

Gold Copper Ruby Earrings. Autumn Winter Jewelry.

Autumn – winter Ancient style patinated copper, Ruby, Pyrite, Gold filled Earrings Ancient style earrings I made in an Autumn – winter essence, using Verdigris patinated copper, hand painted, pyrite, and natural Ruby Gemstones. The ear wires are made of copper, but I would change them from copper to 14K Rose gold filled if you wish, with no additional cost. Length : 4 c”m.

Ready . Set . Summer


Wow! Before I started noticing the heat, summer has shown up knocking at my door, and immediately got my muses into the chill out mode. While listening to music as I create (an everlasting usual habit of mine), I imagine the sea, feel the sand on the soles of my feet, the calming breeze. Well, living in Jerusalem, Does not give me many choices but Imagining the Sea. Actually I strolling on the beach at night…But, I have my muses. They can visit every place they wish, then come and share the essence, softly warping me with love. Creating within love is a kind of indulgence. a privilege. If it was not for my New 11 days baby Kitten who calls me to feed and cuddle every 2-3 hours 🙂 It would not be a great revelation for you, if I wrote that Nowadays our world is sadder than it was in the 80’s of the previous century. Maybe as a teenager back then, and naive it only seemed happier? So… creating is such a soul haven. I put all my love in the treasures I design, and you? Hope you feel them. I can only say I hope I make you happier and beloved. Let the sun Shine

Gold Earrings with Peridot Chalcedony Green Amethyst Ruby Garnet Gemstones

Dainty light blue and green gemstone and gold filled earrings in an Historical Style

Just For Summer. Chill Out. click on the photo for more details or on this line to purchase.

just For Fun

just For Fun

There is ALWAYS music in my happy niche while creating … always.


לראות את עצמנו דרך המראה – תחזית אסטרולוגית מלאה לחודש יולי 2016בועז פיילר

לראות את עצמנו דרך המראה – תחזית אסטרולוגית מלאה לחודש יולי 2016בועז פיילר


שלום חברות וחברים, אז מה יש לנו החודש?

JULY 2016.JPGהקדמה

איני אוהב להיות נביא זעם. ולכן לא אקדיש שורות רבות לתחזית מאיימת. אולם, בכל זאת, עליי לציין, שיציאתו של כוכב מאדים (מרס) מתנועה אחורית (רטרו) היסטורית סימנה זמנים בהם ישראל נקראה לצאת להגנתה לאחר פציעות מצד אויבים. השנה מרס יוצא מרטרו על הכירון (הפצע) של המדינה במרובע למרס של ישראל ומול השמש שלה. יש לתאר שנראה התרגשות של הטרור ואולי אפילו תגובה צבאית נחרצת מצד ישראל. בואו נקווה כולנו שהדבר לא יתרחש ושנוכל להמשיך לחיות בשלווה יחסית. למי שרוצה לשמוע את התחזית המלאה שלי לשנת 2016, בה הזכרתי גם את זמן זה כמובן (באנגלית) – יכולה לגשת לפוסט בעניין (מדקה 10:35 ועד דקה 13:00 מדבר על ישראל ויציאת מרס וגם על דעא”ש ISIS-).

וונוס במולות לפלוטו

מתחילים את החודש עם אנרגיה חזקה בכל הקשור לאהבה ולצורך במערכות יחסים. היצרים שלנו, הצ’קרות התחתונות שלנו, הרצון שלנו להיות אהובים ונאהבים, להרגיש חיים…

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Road Trippin


Screenshot_2015-07-09-10-31-15-1Screenshot_2015-07-09-10-31-15-1My mobile  phone just died on me  yesterday. I ended up with 2 new phones…(one was free of charge,as I gave the company the broken one ) now, trying  to feel the joy of revealing  a hidden pathway for an adventurous day 😊 writing a short post , sharing a great song , thinking  about my new  creation to come, all can be a really good cheer ups. Latest creations -organic style rings I love to wear  all together  18k gold, silver , hammer cut gems -here you can see a dark sapphire  and other great stone, parahiba  apatite. going to create  a bit now. And music – it is always  there for me….

How did I get here? where do I go from here ….


thought you might be interested in reading more about me…

Efrat Shifrin

The wonder of nature and beauty

My passion for art began as a child. I grew up on a farm . Loved to gaze at the leaves moving with the light breeze , watch the magical sunsets. My imagination just flourished at those moments . I loved making nice little creations  using leaves, little stones , feathers and other “treasures” I have found.

One more love of mine was helping my dad do repair work that required sawing, drilling holes, hammering nails. He let me take some interesting shaped screws, nails, to create something interesting with it. My love for nature and craft led me to enter the study of metalsmithing and jewelry making at the age of 20, and over twenty-years later it is a very big part of who I am today.

Actually, nowadays, creating at home, I find that the boundaries are blurred. I am a tool… some kind of vessel that needs…

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The Poetry of Gems

The  Poetry of Gems

Gemstones are a part of my body and soul. They are all over- surrounding me, around the house, on my desk, in my creations. Actually they instruct me in the creation process. I will share some gratitude here.

Pride Ed

Nov 11, 2014

As seen through amber in the colors of Venus and Saturn;
Sun opens upon her face as gold spills in spun blonde,
And the rose’s thorn brings about liquid rubies
That drips on the youngest lily of the valley.
Butterflies aligned with the unseen Mars on the horizon
Scatter as their wings seem to burn away in the
Brilliant firelight, touching the water that reveals
Sapphires in liquid form; an affinity for Neptune that
Dangles on her fluttering eyelashes alive with what she sees!

More rubies fall in the emerald vast as her fingers move
Across the vine, and the crystals tear through the dahlias
Like the storms of Jupiter this canopy veils!
They rest among the pink rhinestones that resemble
Cherry blossoms in perfect discord when the last one
Is drained of its color under a wooden bridge at
The foot of the forest; an old bridge covered in patchy moss,
Showing its long years of absent footsteps.
They are only distant memories to the vixen,
Who emerges from the brush and drinks
From the stream in constant relief.

I watch her majesty fading her vibrant colors at sunset when
Uranus drifts. The colors fall into onyx when the sap of
The trees resemble amethyst in the moonlight.
And Mercury holding more silver falls in the stream with her
And all of her plume that we cherish as much as
Her earthly leaves, for we use both as covers for sleep.
Daydreams entwine with nightmares and become as cold
As Pluto. Ice lingers as tanzanite tears in those bright eyes;
Diamond eyes that cut through the towering clouds to discover
Stars that are made of everything here!

Sapphire and Ruby isa_760xN.7805400782_6pu7


hand-crafted Jewelry, thoughts

Silver Gold Emerald and abalone Ring

Silver Gold Emerald and abalone Ring